Heating Oil Keeps Your Family Safe at Home

Heating Oil Keeps Your Family Safe at Home

Home heating oil today is safe, giving families the peace of mind they want. Here's how home heating oil is dependable in your home:

Heating oil will not burn in a liquid state. 

In order to light heating oil on fire, you must heat it above 140 degrees, the temperature at which it begins to vaporize.

There are visible warnings if there is a malfunction. 

With home heating oil systems, carbon monoxide leaks rarely happen without warning. If an oil heating system should malfunction, it will release smoke or soot as a visible warning; these early indicators will let you know that something is wrong long before dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can be released into the air. 

It is non-explosive. 

Heating oil is not explosive in its liquid form.

Today’s tanks are stronger and less likely to leak. 

Whether your oil storage tank is hidden in your basement, outside or even underground, today’s tanks are composed of state-of-the-art steel and fiberglass, many with double walls of plastic and steel and sensors, and should last for decades.

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